This is a list of the words or phrases which are used as subject headings in a formal opinion or a digest of an informal opinion. Most of these words or phrases are taken from the language of the Code of Judicial Conduct. These words or phrases can be used to search this site to retrieve formal opinions or digests of informal opinions involving these subjects. .

adjudicative responsibilities

announce views


appearance of impropriety

attend political gatherings

broadcasting, televising, recording or taking photographs

campaign conduct and political activity

campaign funds and campaign contributions

character witness

civic and charitable activities

comply with the law


contribute to a political party or organization

court-appointed employees


dignity of office

disciplinary measures

exploit judicial position

extrajudicial appointments

family and spouse

fiduciary activities

financial disclosure

former law firm


guest of honor

integrity and impartiality

integrity and independence

investment advice

letters of reference


mediation and arbitration


nomination petition

outside activities

pledges or promises of conduct

political activity and political conduct

prestige of office

public comment

public officials or employees

publicly endorse a candidate

publicly stated support

purchase tickets


recommendations to public and private fund-granting agencies

recusal and disqualification

reliance on advisory opinions


social and recreational activities

solicit funds and fundraising


speak, write, lecture, teach

spouse and family